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Hiša nad dolino,
the house above the valley


A stylish, contemporary hideaway offering marvellous views over the Vipava valley,
from Nanos to Vipavski Križ and the pleasant hills and vineyards around,

in the midst of unspoiled nature, the Natura 2000 reserve right next to the plot,

a short hop from the next gourmet experience, world class winery and
the historical treasures of the Venice region
, settled below the surrounding ridges, an all-time invitation to any kind of mountain activity, a unique place for pleasure & recreation


The house

The area

It's the mix which makes the the Vipava valley such a gem. The landscape mix of an impressive mountain range and a gentle valley which offers natural monuments like the Otliško okno and breathtaking views, reaching the Mediterranean. The climate mix of alpine freshness and mediterranean temperatures. The leisure mix of demanding sports and pleasant food and wines. The mix of trips to close Vipavski Križ and world-famous beauties like Piran, Triest and Venice.


Otliško okno

There is the common fondness which we share:
for good food and wine, for outdoor living, for spending time with our beloved ones, for honesty and nativeness.

Heike Heidenreich

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