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About us

Who we are
and why we are here

We are Heike and Otger, a Munich based couple, communicator and financial analyst, proud parents of two grown-up sons who since decades know how to benefit from bringing together our strengths: in educating our sons, in the kitchen, on the tandem, in private projects and so on.


But more than different strengths there is the common fondness which we share: for good food and wine, for outdoor living, for mountain sports from biking and hiking to (offsite) skiing, for spending time with our beloved ones, for honesty and nativeness. And that is in a nutshell why we fell in love with Slovenia some years ago, especially with the Vipava valley and its perfect combination of being mediterranean and alpine, offering splendid opportunities for mountain sports as well as for recreation by extraordinary food and wine. That’s why we decided to have a small hideaway here in 2021, to save this place for us and to open it – not only to share the beautiness with family & friends but as well with travelers who may start their own love story here.

What konjiček means to us

We love to spend our leasure time with our activities in the Vipava valley – its nature, mountains, food & wines and climate. Thus our holiday house project is a kind of hobby for us. Did you know that hobby originally meant a small horse and is a shortening of hobby-horse? With its two meanings: the favourite leisure-time pursuit as well as the child’s toy. In Slovenian language hobby-horse is konjiček. Knowing that there is a paddock behind our house, gives you an idea why we named our business konjiček.

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